axelpauly1swAxel Pauly is another shooting star in Germany´s fast developing wine scene. He was taught the basics of wine making during his trainings in both the Palatinate and Rheingau regions. Later Axel left Germany to gain experience in New Zealand and California. In 2003 he came back to start his studies at the university of Geisenheim and at the same time assumed responsibility of the family wine estate in Lieser, Mosel. Three years later, in 2006, he successfully finished his studies and became successor to his father, Rudolf.

Although Axel seems physically related to Vikings, his wines are of utmost elegance. Whilst he is tall and of an impressive appearance, his wines are delicate and subtle. He focuses on making dry and feinherb wines. With his wine PURIST Axel brings dry Mosel style to the edge. Purist is a bone dry Riesling with only 11% of alcohol and a residual sugar below 1 g/l (2011). Somehow Axel manages to balance all the relevant parameters which make this wine a great experience. When enjoying this wine all the senses and taste buttons in your mouth are touched. It is a great alternative to traditional aperitif.

The wine estate is located in Lieser, not far from Bernkastel and all the vineyards are in the vicinity. Well-timed harvesting by hand is the key for his wine philosophy. Only healthy grapes are allowed to enter the cellar door. Gentle temperature-controlled fermentation assures that the typical Riesling aroma remains in the juice.