markusschneider2swMarkus Schneider is a real self-made man. He started with nothing and created one of the most successful wine estates in Germany. The story is almost unbelievable.

Markus grew up in Ellerstadt where his father had an agriculture company which produced various kinds of fruits and vegetables like apples, potatoes and grapes. The grapes were delivered to the local cooperative and contributed to the company’s income. After Markus finished school he decided to become a winemaker and started his training at the famous estate Bürklin Wolf not far away from home. Three years later in 1994, when others would travelled around the world to gain experience abroad, Markus returned back home to Ellerstadt to open his own wine estate. His seed capital was a 0.3ha vineyard and 30.000 Deutsche Mark which he received from his parents to purchase a car. Rather than a car, Markus purchased a press and started to produce wine.

Around the year 2000 BLACK-PRINT was born and laid the foundation for the following success. Together with his friend Thomas Hensel he visited Sansibar in Sylt, an encounter which was an important turning-point for both of them. As Sansibar became a leading wine merchant in Germany, Schneider grew accordingly. Others began to take notice of him, the rest is history.

Today, SCHNEIDER cultivates grapes on 75ha and has one of the most successful brands in Germany. His wines are widely available. In 2007 Schneider built a hyper modern winery close to Ellerstadt.

See videos about the estate Schneider here.