martintesch1swMartin Tesch has a Doctorate in microbiology and is a great example of how radical a change in a traditional German wine estate can be. Martin took over the family wine estate in 1997, a founder member of the VDP Nahe run by the family since 1723. Of the 30 ha vineyards Tesch uprooted more than 10 and focused on grape varieties which appeared valuable to him, Riesling and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir).

With the vintage 2000 Tesch released Riesling UNPLUGGED. The English name and the, at that time, newfangled label had an immediate effect. Customers turned their backs on the estate, colleagues stared in disbelief and critics criticized. As a result Tesch lost 40% of his customers. But he had a clear vision.

Riesling UNPLUGGED is a result of Martin`s deep insight into chemical materials and processes and his knowledge about alternatives. Because “in an age of technical reproduction and mass production the UNPLUGGED idea represents an appreciation of manual craftsmanship” Martin Tesch says. Today Riesling UNPLUGGED is a role model for many wines in Germany which follow the same idea.

In 2002 Tesch reduced his entire range to 5 single vineyards, aligned labels and packaging and focused on 100% dry wine. Appart from Riesling, a Rosé and a Blanc de Noir, both from Pinot Noir, are the only other wines he now produces.

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